We stand together in support of our community in a time of social distance.

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Panel Discussion—Developing Opportunities for Competency Embedded Education at Your Institution

As a holistic approach to improving student success, Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) has the potential to positively impact the student success ecosystem, making transparent skills-based learning outcomes to students, faculty, and employers. CLR is a dynamic, real-time portfolio, which is both a display of curricular, co-curricular, and experiential artifacts of learning and a digital skills “wallet” that is verified by the institution and linked to learning outcomes aligned to today’s employability skills. Launching a digital skills initiative takes time, precision, and alignment planning and human and technology resources to align this initiative with the institutional mission and vision.

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How We Built This? Series—Drivers of Skills-Based Recruitment and Employment

Student learning outcomes are the foundational data used by institutions to determine what students learn and can do as a result of a course, set of courses, and degree or certificate programs. But translating these SLOs to skills can be complex and require collaboration among different leaders, and faculty across an institution as well input from employers who represent the future success for students. Learn from "edupreneurs" who are making a difference by assembling the right stakeholders at the table to embark on the transformation of outcomes to skills and leading efforts to support students in acquiring jobs linked to their educational experiences and achievements.

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Meet Our Partners Series—The Role We Play In Building a Robust Skills Economy for Learners and Employers

This session focuses on the work of the IMS Global Learning Consortium and its mission to advance ed-tech interoperability, innovation, and learning impact. In particular, this event provides a deep dive into the important work that IMS and its members are contributing to the skills ecosphere to enable all students to share their achievements and outcomes of their lifelong learning with employers.

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“Assessment: The Musical!”—Episode 14 Making Change Happen

Assessment, in general, can make a great musical… Come for some comic relief, share your assessment of drama, comedy, and heroic efforts. Let’s discuss how to turn all the drama into a success story!

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It has been a year since higher education across the world went remote. Since that time, many things have changed, but some have not — like our commitment at AEFIS to partnership, transparency, excellence, servant leadership, and mentorship.

In alignment with our values and the needs of our community for space to come together to connect and to learn, AEFIS Academy was created.

We stand together in support of our community in a time of social distance.

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