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We stand together in support of our community in a time of social distance.

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Panel Discussion—Accessibility and Assessment: What You Need to Know

When it comes to supporting your students and campus work environments, colleges and universities have led the charge in providing equitable access to educational opportunities and resources to enable success. Generally speaking, accessibility can be considered a prerequisite to validity, with regards to testing, for instance, where a test score interpretation is justifiable for a particular purpose and supported by evidence and theory (Roelofs, 2019). Having access means you as a learner have available the foundational elements and resources to support your learning and development, preparation, and guidance to be assessed fairly on content, to receive feedback that helps them to improve, and to use intervention materials to become successful.

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Designing a Comprehensive Learner Record Logic Model for Lifelong Learning

With an opportunity to improve and innovate student learning outcomes simultaneously, Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) is an interoperable achievement hub that reinforces that learning happens everywhere with verified evidence of student learning from course, co-curricular engagements, student employment, and even student self-identified experiences. CLR makes achievements explicit and meaningful for institutions, students, and employers.
Stakeholders who use CLR as a vehicle for learning in real-time and an ecosystem of skills that employers value are providing valuable opportunities to share knowledge, skills, and abilities with a greater audience.

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Brunch & Learn—Leveraging Your LMS Data to Simultaneously Support Student Learning Outcomes Assessment & Skills-Based Learning

Across the country, higher ed leaders are keenly focused on gathering improvement data to quantify student learning and key performance indicators of effectiveness (e.g. retention, progression, graduation, employability). These leaders gravitate toward practical solutions to support their institutional effectiveness reporting. In doing so, they don’t want to reinvent the wheel, rather access data that is already available in their Learning Management System. Learn how academic leaders are empowering their faculty with more meaningful data from LMS direct assessment activities using AEFIS integrated solutions. Success stories highlight the advantage of interoperability standards to enable automaticity of assignment data to AEFIS end to end solution for flexible curriculum alignment, robust assessment collections and reporting, and Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR).

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Lightning Talk Series—Leading Institutional Effectiveness & Student Employability: Making a Greater Impact Using Interoperability Solutions to Elevate Student Achievement

Higher education is in the midst of a digital transformation—to radically shift its processes to collect data that demonstrate the overall impact on student learning and a clear return on investment. See how leaders are empowering change across their institutions using interoperability solutions which help produce robust evidence to ignite improvement plans which include new experiential learning opportunities for students that prioritize skills in high demand by employers.

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Meet Our Partners Series—Student Affairs Assessment Leaders (SAAL) Approach to Preparing Today’s Student Affairs Practitioners To Tell Stories of Student Success with Data

In this session, Dr. Joe Levy, Executive Director of Assessment and Accreditation at National Louis University and Open Course Manager and Instructor for SAAL will provide an overview of the impact the open-online course has had on learners and some insights into the next course offering plus some interesting new opportunities to enlist the Community of AEFIS Academy in sessions, case studies and blogs aligned to course outlines for the 2022 administration of the course.

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Lightning Talks Series—Lessons Learned from Implementing a New Software Institution-Wide

Leading change in higher education is never easy and does not come without a plan that considers your mission, culture, faculty, and your students. This session will focus on strategies to support your change—specifically your digital transformation of assessment for learning and improvement—and scaling this approach across your institution to produce efficiency while also enabling access to meaningful data to drive decision-making. Dr. Davis will discuss UMGC's assessment vision, and process, including sharing their journey, challenges, examples, and instruments that you can use to lead digital transformation at your institution.

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“Assessment: The Musical!”—Episode 16 The Great Fall Awakening: Ensuring Efficient Data Collection at Your Institution

Assessment, in general, can make a great musical… Come for some comic relief, share your assessment of drama, comedy, and heroic efforts. Let’s discuss how to turn all the drama into a success story!

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Innovative Approaches to Adapting VALUE Rubrics to Foster Learner Feedback in High-Impact Practices

Providing clear feedback is a known contributor to positively impacting student achievement. Yet, finding the right instruments and processes to give quality feedback in real-time can be daunting. Learn from assessment professionals from Thomas Jefferson University and Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) who have designed and digitized processes at their institutions, to quantify qualitative assessment across disciplines. A common component of these assessment practices is the use of AAC&U VALUE Rubrics. As a launching point, VALUE Rubrics served to delineate relevant criteria for use in assessing high-impact practices (HIPs) and reflective processes in multiple disciplines and across platforms.

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Comprehensive Learner Record: Empowering Embedded Assessment of Competency to Determine Student Readiness for Real-World Problems

Recognizing a preparation-to-practice gap, professional organizations called for a transformation from traditional lecture-based learning, focused on learning concepts, to experiential learning emphasizing competencies. American Association for Colleges of Nursing shared their 2019 vision on how nursing education needs to improve the quality of patient care, requiring a profound pivot in assessing and reporting learning outcomes. Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) provides a holistic approach to assessment that tracks the achievement of competencies across learners’ experiences. In this session, learn about CLR in assessment and how the University of Rochester School of Nursing developed CLR while shifting to a competency-based curriculum during COVID-19.

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How We Built This? Series—Accessibility and Assessment: Supporting Students in the New Normal

How We Built This? Series provides a forum for educational leaders to share their sustainable processes and best practices in leading assessment, student success and other initiatives at their institution in a spin-off active dialogue inspired by NPR’s “How I Built This” podcast series.

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We stand together in support of our community in a time of social distance.

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