The University of Minnesota Publishes Its Medical School Curriculum to AAMC Using AEFIS

Source: University of Minnesota Medical School
Date: October 2021
Direct Link: Click Here


The University of Minnesota has been an innovative partner of AEFIS since 2019. In late fall 2021, UMN Medical School was able to submit their XML Export of their curriculum from AEFIS to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Curriculum Inventory.

In an effort to support health professions programs within schools of medicine across the country, AEFIS started a journey with AAMC a few months ago.

The AAMC Curriculum Inventory (CI) is designed to serve as the premier benchmarking and reporting tool on content, structure, delivery, and assessment of U.S. and Canadian medical school curricula for both M.D. and D.O. degree-granting accredited schools.

Schools share their curriculum inventories with AAMC so that national reports using graphical interpretations of both aggregate and historical curriculum data can be generated on various topics. These reports can be useful to facilitate continuous quality improvement, facilitate discussion among curriculum committees and teaching faculty, support schools’ accreditation monitoring, enhance medical education research, and inform legislators and the general public.


UMN represents a big milestone and allows AEFIS to begin supporting other medical schools to not only map their robust curriculum in AEFIS but also produce the XML Export for the Curriculum Inventory! For more information on how AEFIS can help you, please reach out to us!

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