AEFIS Data Collection and Workflow Engine Overview

Automate your academic processes, collect accurate information from your organization using powerful, visual tools, that work the way your institution works.

For digital transformation, you need simple tools that are aligned with the way your institution works. Tools that are aware of your academic processes, familiar with your organizational structure, and your users. AEFIS provides a complete platform to automate your academic processes and create dynamic forms, complex workflows and have your users collaborate on those forms providing any type of information necessary.

AEFIS forms for data collection are familiar with your academic structures. AEFIS hosts all of your academic data, your courses, course sections, programs, skill sets, assessment information, and more. With our Data Collection and Workflow Engine, your organization can create dynamic forms that work with the workflows you designed, using visual tools. Your forms are conscious of your academic entities. If you are collecting data about courses, you can display assessment results or ask questions specific to course learning objectives.

Of course, your data collections can be initiated by your end-users whenever they like, but AEFIS forms are also supported by a flexible scheduler. You might automate your data collection process to run every term, or every academic year, using your academic timelines and milestones. You configure the AEFIS data collections once, and the scheduler runs your processes automatically for you.

Key Benefits

Visual Workflow and Form Designer

You don’t need a technology team to automate your business processes. AEFIS Workflow and Form Designers, are both visual and simple to create and update. Your forms can even be configured to show or hide parts of them at specific stages!

Academic Process aware Form Elements

AEFIS forms are aware of your academic entities. You can ask specific questions about your programs, courses, any entity that AEFIS holds for you!

Collaboration with change tracking on your Workflows

AEFIS forms support multiple users to work together and collaborate. You can always see, who changed, what, when. You can even do a text semantic text change comparison on what was changed.

Track what’s happening

Do you want to know which departments are delaying their program data collections? Do you want to know the average time a college spends at a specific workflow step? All available visually!

Success Examples

  • Texas A&M running academic program assessments for its almost a thousand programs, with 13 workflow steps!

Developed with Partners

This engine like all other AEFIS solutions has been developed in collaboration with the following partner institutions:

Listen to our Partners: Active Learning Lab (ALL) Series—How to Build Workflows to Lead Successful Assessment

Read Exciting Improvements to our Data Collection Solution to learn what’s new.

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