How to change the email address in AEFIS Academy


Every community member is able to change the email in their profile. We give you a detailed guide below to avoid any further confusion and allow everyone to safely change their email addresses in the future.

Important Note: All data/information will be saved after changing the email.


  1. Click on the My Account Settings option in the profile menu (the one opening by pressing caret/arrow symbol in the top-right of the screen, near your avatar)
  2. IMPORTANT: If you logged-in through Google Email you need to UNLINK your Google Account. For this you need to open My Account Settings >> Social Accounts and click “Unlink Account from Google”. See screenshot below
  3. Then change your email in the “Account Email” tab and pressed “Save Changes” button
  4. Check your email(the old one that you want to change) to open the verification link. See the screenshot below with important notifications.
  5. You will see a letter from the AEFIS Academy asking you if you want to change email address.
  6. Click on “click here” link to confirm email change. See the screenshot below
  7. After that, you will be redirected to the academy with an updated email. See the screenshot below


In case if you have any questions or need assistance with changing your email address you can contact to [email protected]

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