Menu Navigation

Menu Navigation
The AEFIS Menu can be accessed by selecting the hamburger icon hamburger.png at the top left of the screen just above the institution’s name. The side menu will open up displaying the menu items for the user’s needs. The menu filters are available to help navigate the menu, seen in the blue banner to the right of the AEFIS logo.

  • The eye icon eye.png collapses and expands each menu section.
  • The star icon star.png  will filter and show the bookmarked sections of the menu
    • To bookmark a section of the menu, below the menu section’s collapse/expansion arrow down_arrow.png, hover the cursor in line with the section to be bookmarked. An empty star border should appear. Click on the empty star border to make it turn yellow. This will select the desired menu section to be bookmarked.
  • The magnifying glass icon magnifying_glass.png will open up a search bar to search for the desired menu section.
  • The left arrow icon left_arrow.png  will hide the side menu from view.

The user’s menu will contain sections specific to their role and may differ from another user’s menu. Below is a Menu of a faulty user.

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