AEFIS CLR – Outcomes Transcript + Competency Portfolio Solution Overview

Implement “Comprehensive Learner Record” and guide your students to success through your assessment process. AEFIS provides the complete set of tools to manage your lifelong learning!

Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) is the new generation of secure and verifiable learning records which includes the context of learning achievements within courses, competencies, and skills, and employer-based learning achievements. CLR reinforces that learning happens everywhere with verified evidence of student learning from courses, co-curricular engagements, student employment, and even student self-identified experiences.

AEFIS is the leader in CLR. Our all-in-one solutions create a pathway for you to implement CLR using your assessment process and LMS you already use.

Key Benefits

Empowering Students to Oversee their own Learning

AEFIS CLR enables your students to take control of their learning and skill management. Students are able to view their skills, related assessments and grow their skills based on your career targets.

Enable Lifelong Learning

Student Portfolios with No Effort

Your student work is already pulled from your LMS and is available to be organized and shared. No need for manual data entry.

Collect, Organize, Share


  • Student Learning Journey Dashboard provides real-time data on achievements, coursework and co-curricular activities, and action items
  • By clicking on skills, learners can see their achievements linked to competencies along with their work products with feedback from their instructors, mentors, and external advisors
  • Learners can review their verified evidence, reflect and curate their achievements and add other artifacts to share with employers 
  • Learners can share evidence of their achievements in a multitude of ways

Developed with Partners

This solution like all other AEFIS solutions has been developed in collaboration with the following partner institutions:

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