AEFIS Outcomes Assessment + Evidence Collection Solution Overview

Seamlessly collect authentic assessment data from your LMS or directly in AEFIS!

Collection of authentic assessment data each term can be difficult. With AEFIS and our integration with Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace by D2L, and Moodle you can seamlessly and with little effort by your instructors link LMS Assignments to outcomes mapped through the Curriculum Design process in AEFIS. AEFIS also includes the ability to create Student Submission Assignments, Observation Based Rubric Scoring, and importing of assignment scores through an Excel/CSV Template.

Are you looking for a platform for juried assessment, AEFIS has that functionality also! Set up your General Education Program or within your academic program random sampling and multiple assessors. Pull artifacts automatically from the LMS or have students import their artifacts into AEFIS.

“5-Min Walkthrough” Video

Key Benefits

AEFIS Assignment Templates

Create Assignment Templates with rubrics in a central manager to be pulled into courses, course section or co-curricular activities.

AEFIS Assignment Creation

Instructors or administrators can create Student Submission Assignments, Observation Based Assignments or an Excel Template Upload.

AEFIS Scorebook

Instructor or Assessors can score students on the assignment rubric through our user-friendly scorebook through the browser on their computer, tablet or phone.

Assignment Linking

Link LMS Assignments or AEFIS Assignments to the outcomes mapped in your course or co-curricular activity from the Curriculum Design Process

Automatic Copying of Assignment Linkages

Each time your instructor teaches the same course, AEFIS will automatically copy the assignment links created in a previous term.

Individual Student Assessment Results

As your score assignments in your LMS or AEFIS quickly see in real-time your students performance

Real-Time Aggregate Assessment Results

View throughout the term the aggregate assessment results of your course section


  • Collect outcomes assessment data and evidence using multiple methods and sources
  • Reduce instructor workload through automation of assessment data collection
  • Identify existing assignments from courses or co-curricular experiences as evidence
  • Create assignments in AEFIS or link LMS assignments to outcomes based on the curriculum map
  • Automate copying of assignments and assignment linking from previous terms 
  • Assess course learning outcomes without the requirement for a curriculum map
  • Manage centralized library of assignment rubrics
  • Enable multiple assessors and score assignments using rubrics on any device in real-time
  • Support random sampling and external assessors
  • Conduct inter-rater reliability testing and studies

Success Examples

  • Texas A&M University assesses their Core Curriculum through random sampling and inter-rater reliability
  • Brigham Young University – Idaho assesses all academic programs through the AEFIS/Canvas Integration
  • Messiah University collects 100% of their general education assessment and 90% of academic program assessment data

Developed with Partners

This solution like all other AEFIS solutions has been developed in collaboration with the following partner institutions:

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