Visualize Your CLR: What Will Your Comprehensive Learner Record Look Like?

So, really, what does it look like?!?

Trying to visualize what your CLR might look like? What will it contain? How are your learners accessing it? How will they be able to gain transparency and agency into their learning journey?

Well if you have these questions, you’re not alone. But do not fear—we have put together this resource to provide an overview of the AEFIS Student Learning Journey and CLR to help inspire you and others on how an authentic assessment process can drive such results.

Fundamentals First!

CLR begins with planning! Consider this backward design approach—a four-step process moves your initiative forward at your institution!

  1. Digital Catalogs—manage all of your learning experiences in one place
  2. Programs—digitize your curriculum map and link to competency frameworks that make learners’ skills explicit
  3. Academic Experiences—link authentic evidence of student learning and other prior learning artifacts and life credits to CLR
  4. Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR)—reinforces that learning happens everywhere with verified evidence of student learning from course, co-curricular engagements, student employment, and even student self-identified experiences.

Utilizing the IMS Global CLR standard, AEFIS CLR is interoperable and portable enabling it to be shared with employers. CLR is available to employment platforms and AI applications.

AEFIS Student Learning Journey & CLR

Student Learning Journey Dashboard provides real-time data on achievements, coursework and co-curricular activities, and action items.

By clicking on skills, learners can see their achievements linked to competencies along with their work products with feedback from their instructors, mentors, and external advisors.

Learners can review their verified evidence, reflect and curate their achievements and add other artifacts to share with employers

Learners can share evidence of their achievements in a multitude of ways.

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