AEFIS LMS Integration Solution Guide

Pull your LMS data seamlessly into direct assessment across your institution. AEFIS enhances the value you get from your LMS!

AEFIS provides you with access to data in ways that institutions may have not had the opportunity to experience in one place, one platform. AEFIS has the most advanced integration with your LMS and brings the most out of your LMS into your direct assessment process. AEFIS taps into LMS data to enrich the information it holds and converts it into a time-based assessment and analysis dataset increasing the value your institution and your learners get from the LMS system.

AEFIS strongly believes in interoperability and plays nicely with other systems on your campus. We support most standard integration protocols and technologies and can integrate with any LMS that supports integration. Our current list of implementation partners includes Canvas, BlackBoard, D2L, and Moodle among others.

Find your LMS below to learn more about integration and the possibilities of data collection at your institution.

Brightspace by D2L

Key Benefits

Access AEFIS Right from LMS

Faculty and students don’t need to leave their LMS to contribute to institutional and program assessment. They can log in to AEFIS and use it right from their LMS course section.

AEFIS taps into LMS data and makes a copy of all of your assignments within the course or course section. Then right from the LMS, faculty or administrators can choose key assignments and link them to the curriculum map in AEFIS. This enables you to link assignments, grades, quiz questions, individual rubric criteria, and student work to your curriculum map in AEFIS.

The Most Advanced LMS Integration

AEFIS has the most advanced LMS integration for your assessment needs. We pull rubric grading information, you can use quiz questions for your assessment needs, we support LMS integrated rubric ranges for assessment*.

From LMS to CLR

AEFIS pulls the work your students completed in the LMS into their CLR! your students don’t need to spend time uploading their work or creating their portfolio. All the work in the LMS is already there for them to make use of, being used as Evidence of their Skills in their CLR.

Setup and forget! AEFIS will automate all your processes

Once your link assignments to your curriculum map in AEFIS, this work copies over from term to term as long as the assignments remain the same. Your faculty don’t need to spend time on their assessment process every term, they just make use of the results!

Complete Course Evaluations Simply

Students can complete all of their course evaluations right within their LMS courses. Faculty can view their results right from their course page. Evaluation data is collected in AEFIS for robust reporting and continuous improvement efforts.

With your LMS linked to AEFIS, data from direct assessments flow seamlessly into AEFIS for robust reporting on institutional, and programmatic outcomes, accreditation standards, and employer competency frameworks.

* LMS integration features can change based on the specific LMS product and are limited by the API functionality supported by the vendor.

Review our Outcomes Assessment + Evidence Collection Solution to understand how you can automate your assessment process with AEFIS and your LMS system.

Read more about CLR; learn why the CLR should be a high strategic initiative, review the AEFIS CLR, or learn from our partners about their CLR journey.

Go through the AEFIS Technology Architecture to understand the details on our LMS Integration.

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