Faculty Access to Course Evaluation Results – My Course Evaluations Widget on AEFIS Dashboard

This guide will walk instructors through the steps of viewing their Course Evaluation results in AEFIS. Instructors may conveniently access their Course Evaluation results through their Dashboard, upon the completion of their Surveys. An instructor may view their Course Evaluation results as long as the Survey is complete and the minimum number of responses has been met. 

Created with v3.53
Applicable to: Instructors
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Step 1: Log into your AEFIS account 
Step 2: On your AEFIS Dashboard, locate the My Course Evaluations Widget

Step 3 (Optional): The My Course Evaluations Widget will, by default, display the most recent Course Evaluation information. To see past Evaluations, select the 3 vertical dots in the right-corner of the Widget


Step 4 (Optional): Select Past Evaluations to view older Evaluation information
Step 5: Hover over the blue circle with the three white dots


Step 6: Select the Graph icon to view results


Step 7: To view individual student results, select the blue VIEW INDIVIDUAL RESULTS button


Step 8: Select the Browse Results drop-down arrow to view results for each student

Step 9: You may export student responses by selecting the Export Drop-Down and choosing from one of the csv, Excel, or PDF options

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