AEFIS 3.33 Release Notes – July 2018

3.33 Training Release: Monday, July 2nd, 2018
Next Release
3.34 Training Release: Monday, August 6th, 2018

New Features

Survey Templates – Matrix Question option added

  • To create a matrix question, you must follow these steps (supplemented by screenshots below):
    • First, add any and all Multiple Choice Questions that you wish to use in the matrix. They must have the same answer options to be grouped together.
    • Press the gear icon at the bottom left of the first question in the matrix, then the “Configure” hyperlink button located next to the matrix question checkbox.
    • A pop-up will appear in which you can add a Matrix Title as well as check off any questions with the same answer options that you wish to also include in the matrix.
    • To remove a matrix, select the gear icon, uncheck the box to the left of Matrix Question, then press the blue check to confirm the change.  


Course Section Assignments – Export Gradebook now includes rubric breakdown

  • When in the Course Section>>Assignments area, you will notice the Assignment Grading drop-down menu. From here, if you selected Export Gradebook, it would provide you with all assignments and their total scores per student. Now, if rubric criteria are used to further break down the assignments during grading, this export will provide them one by one.

Course Section Assignments – Export Gradebook now includes rubric breakdown

  • Previously both reports only contained PDF and Print Export options, but now they each have all four options available.


AEFIS Gradebook – Now allows selection of 0 for every rubric selection in grading

  • Previously it was required that at least one rubric selection be a 1 (making it so students who may not have submitted an assignment would have a 1/x points). Now, a student can be graded with all 0 values.

Department Admins Survey Scheduling Include Group Bug

  • If a department admin were creating a survey schedule when they get to the include/exclude groups step the system did not automatically filter to their permission level. This would allow them to create surveys that could be sent to institution/college-wide as a Dept Admin. The include/exclude groups will now filter to their permission level.

Survey Results Tree Cross-listed Results Export Bug

  • It was found that if you exported the results to Excel/CSV by using the drop-down arrow to the immediate right of a cross-listed course section in the Survey Results Tree, the results for the child-course section would not be pulled into the export despite the response rate showing it the correct roll-up into the master section. This has been corrected so that these exports now pull all results in.
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