AEFIS 3.28 Release Notes – February 2018

3.28 Training Release: Monday, February 5th, 2018
Next Release
3.29 Training Release: Monday, March 5th, 2018

New Feature

New Setting to Disable Secondary Instructions from Receiving Faculty Emails for Student Course Evaluations

  • The default for Faculty Emails is set to ALL Instructors. You can easily change the setting at the Institution, College, Department, Survey Schedule and Survey Instance Levels.


Warning Message when a Cross-Listed Course is being Evaluated Twice on Course Assignment Page

  • Should a user attempt to add a course assignment for a cross-listed course section already being evaluated, a pop-up will appear informing the user it’s being evaluated in *** Survey. The user will still be able to assign the course section even if it is being evaluated in another survey. 

Course Survey Assignment Audit Report Updated

  • Previously, if a user-generated with ALL selected (instead of either Assigned or Unassigned parameter selected) there was no way to distinguish which course sections were assigned/unassigned.
  • A new column was added to the UI and Exports to distinguish between whether the course section is assigned to a survey or not. 

Course Section Trend Analysis Report Updated

  • If a faculty member is excluded for any reason from being evaluated in a survey, instead of a blank column of data with their name at the top, they are removed from the data export entirely.


Metric Color Coding Fixed

  • Metric bars will display as the following colors in the Survey Results Tree, Reports, course/course section, and dashboard widgets:

    • Blue – if no success threshold was set in Survey Templates
    • Green – if Success Threshold was set and the goal was met
    • Red – if Success Threshold was set and the goal was not met

Syllabus “Copy From” Functionality works if the status is Published

  • Previously users could only “copy from” a syllabus if the status was Faculty Pending. This has been fixed to now allow users to “copy from” if the status is Published.

Dept/College/Inst Admins skip Approval Pending status phase when publishing course section

  • Previously, when any user would select Publish for a course section that is Faculty Pending, it would go to Approval Pending and require another click on the Publish button.

    • If the user selecting this button now is a Dept/College/Inst Admin, it will go directly from Faculty Pending to Published. 
    • Faculty users still will go from Faculty Pending to Approval Pending to Published.
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