AEFIS Academy 2.0 Beta is Here!

Your academy, only much, much beter…

Welcome to AEFIS Academy 2.0 Beta! We are super excited you have arrived.

You did this!
At AEFIS, partnership is our key core value and we follow a community-driven development model. You make suggestions, we listen and consider, and together we innovate! That is what innovation looks like! Innovation begins with ideas, trial and error, and new functions and processes, hence the “Beta” sticker on this version of AEFIS Academy. We will try out new features and together we will improve them. Your contributions to this development model will shape how we grow as a community with a continuous improvement technology paradigm that provides you with the cutting edge tools you need to grow—both as a community of practitioners serving your institutional needs as well as your own professional development goals. 

Just Getting Warmed Up
2.0 Beta is just the beginning! To continue our passion projects, we are going to need a serious amount of leadership and adult supervision from our community, and that means you. See the AEFIS Academy Roadmap.

How to Get Involved
There are many ways you can help provide the mentorship we need, and the leadership our community needs. As quick start, if you have not done yet, please start by taking ACAD 100: AEFIS Academy Freshman Seminar to become a Certified Community Member.

More opportunities to get involved coming soon.

Let’s go to amazing places, together!

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