Vision & Core Values

Stemming from the AEFIS vision: “Empowering authentic lifelong learning,” AEFIS Academy was born. 

Built from the ground up as a passion project looking to connect higher education leaders, AEFIS Academy is a center for communities of practice open to all lifelong learners where they can learn, teach, collaborate, and innovate among the greatest minds and thought leaders in assessment.

Our Vision—To empower our community to improve authentic assessment, learner success, skills recognition, and lifelong learning.

Our Mission—To connect assessment and education professionals to allow them to be more productive and successful.

Our Core Values—The following core values define what’s important to us at AEFIS:

  1. PARTNERSHIP in every way.

  2. TRANSPARENCY in everything.

  3. MENTORSHIP with everyone.

  4. EXCELLENCE every time.

  5. SERVANT LEADERSHIP all the time.

AEFIS Academy puts these core values into action as it serves as a vehicle for higher education leaders to connect with one another, learn from one another, and add value to each other. Our passion is to empower our community with communities of practice-based collaboration opportunities by enabling the exchange ideas.

When you clicked “join” and logged into AEFIS Academy for the first time, you chose to be part of a network of peers from institutions across the country. 

We could not be more thrilled that you are here!

It's Your Academy. Help us improve it!

Your feedback is vital to help build the best Academy
— and our community deserves it!

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Welcome to AEFIS Academy!

Here is what’s driving us to do it and why…