Credits & Heartfelt Thanks

Heartfelt Thanks to our Community Leaders!

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Two of our key Core Values at AEFIS are “Partnership in Every Way” and “Mentorship with Everyone. 

It is through these Core Values in action that we are grateful for the guidance and “adult supervision” from our mentors who have contributed their ideas and provided us with advice which has ultimately led to the creation of AEFIS Academy, Your Center for Communities of Practice. 

Help us thank these amazing academic leaders and innovators in particular, who shared their authentic feedback and intentional design to develop AEFIS Academy.

Follow them on their profile page to learn more about their ideas for innovation. You may also want to connect with them how you can work with them as they lead a number of initiatives right here on AEFIS Academy.

Our heartfelt gratitude for their ongoing guidance, mentorship and academic leadership.

Chadia Abras, Director of Institutional Assessment, Johns Hopkins University
Jane Marie Souza, Associate Provost for Academic Administration, University of Rochester
Myk Garn, Asst. Vice Chancellor for New Learning Models at Board of Regents, University System of Georgia
Natasha Jankowski, Higher Education & Assessment Consultant, N/A
Mike Rudolph, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, University of Kentucky
Jack Suess, Vice President of Information Technology and CIO, University of Maryland-Baltimore County

And our very own…

Suzanne Carbonaro, Director of Academic Partnerships, AEFIS

PS – These Community Leaders are also known as the “Fellowship of the Beach Ball”
More on this coming soon!!

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