AEFIS Academy Features & Roadmap

Developed by our community, for our community.

At AEFIS Academy we follow a community-driven development model. You make suggestions, we listen and consider, and together we innovate! That is what innovation looks like! Innovation begins with ideas, trial and error, and new functions and processes. Your contributions to this development model will shape how we grow as a community her at AEFIS Academy.

Features & Roadmap

Launch of Academy 1.0

In May, when our colleagues at AALHE looked to us for support as they quickly transitioned their in-person conference online, we accelerated our vision of a community service site we planned in response to COVID-19. Following rapid development during May, AEFIS Academy 1.0 was born in time for the AALHE Annual Conference On-Line.

  • Basic Community Features
  • Events with registration, attendance, and recording
  • Basic Blogging Capabilities
Learn MoreJune 2020

Event Discussions

The ability for registered attendees to engage in Pre- and Post- event discussions and share resources, so our dialogues extend before, during and after the event.

Learn MoreJuly 2020

AEFIS Academy 2.0 Beta Launch

Launch of 2.0 Beta with modern-day social networking and community capabilities, significant improvements, and much more. 

Learn MoreOctober 2020

Site-Wide Activity Feed

Social networking, connections with other members, following others, and a site-wide activity feed.

Learn MoreOctober 2020

My Academy Dashboard

Personalized dashboard to about your AEFIS Academy and communities of practice.

Learn MoreOctober 2020

Members Directory

Ability to find and connect other community members complete with bios, academic interests, and "Professional Superpowers".

Learn MoreOctober 2020

Community Groups

Ability for community members to organize themselves into public, private, or hidden social areas with separate activity feeds and member listing.


Learn MoreOctober 2020

Forum Discussions

Ability to create community discussion forums to allow members to communicate in a structured, bulletin-board fashion.

Learn MoreOctober 2020

Practice Domains

Communities of practice organized into four main practice domains: Learn, Teach, Collaborate, Innovate.

Learn MoreOctober 2020


Gamification to help improve communities of practice, community engagement, and professional learning.

Learn MoreOctober 2020


On-demand recordings from community events.

Learn MoreOctober 2020

Community Courses

Community courses for professional learning and more. The ability for community members to create courses coming soon.

Learn MoreOctober 2020

AEFIS Academy

Latest release of AEFIS Academy including: Event Management Automation Advanced responsive features Advanced gamification features Other improvements and fixes
Learn MoreNovember 2020

Exciting New Features

Many new features coming soon...

1st Quarter 2021
It's Your Academy. Help us improve it!
Your feedback is vital to help build the best Academy
— and our community deserves it!

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It's Your Academy. Help us improve it!

Your feedback is vital to help build the best Academy
— and our community deserves it!

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