FAQ -Canvas Assignments and Rubric Setup for AEFIS Assignment Linking – New!

Created: May 2021
Updated: May 2021
Roles:  Must have Access to Canvas as an Instructor or Admin – this guide is not related to AEFIS user roles
Description:  This guide will provide information on Frequently Asked Questions about configuring Canvas Assignments and Rubrics for compatibility with AEFIS Assignment Linking.

What types of Canvas Assignments can be assessed in AEFIS and which settings are required?

  • All Canvas Assignments must have grade book columns and a max score greater than 0
  • Assignments with no Canvas Rubrics assigned with a max score greater than 0
  • Assignments with Canvas Rubrics with rubric levels that are assigned point values or point ranges
  • Canvas Quizzes where all questions have a point value greater than 1

What types of Canvas Rubrics can link to AEFIS Outcomes?

  • Any Canvas rubric criteria with point values or point ranges associated with each level can be linked to AEFIS outcomes.  

Can we use a holistic rubric in Canvas and link to AEFIS Outcomes?

  • To display a holistic rubric to students in Canvas, you must first create your rubric criteria levels with point values associated
  • Then, you may select the option to “Remove Points from Rubric”
    • This will not display the point values of the criteria to students in Canvas but the rubric score data will be available to AEFIS for converting to outcome achievement through assignment linking

Can we use a Canvas rubric just for assessment in AEFIS and not for updating the student’s final scores in Canvas?

  • First create the assignment rubric and criteria levels and assign points or point ranges to each level
  • Do not select the “Use this rubric for assignment grading” setting
  • mceclip1.png
  • Then the instructor can manually add the final score for students in Speed Grader

Can we score a Canvas Assignment in AEFIS and send that score back to the Canvas Gradebook?
YES! Coming soon…

Can we create relationships between Canvas Quiz Questions and AEFIS Outcomes?

  • At this time, users are able to link Classic Canvas Quiz questions to AEFIS outcomes directly.
  • Quizzes must have point values assigned to each question to transfer data to AEFIS.
  • AEFIS currently does not support the New Quizzes format.

Can Canvas Quizzes convert into AEFIS Managed LMS Assignments for post hoc assessment?

  • At this time, there is no endpoint available for AEFIS to import quiz questions with each student’s unique response (essay, multiple-choice, etc) for assessment in AEFIS directly.

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