Command Buttons & Dropdown Menus

The command buttons used all around AEFIS, and will cause an action to the current page the user is working in, such as save, cancel, or edit.


Some command buttons contain a dropdown menu signified by an upside down triangle next to it. This means there are multiple commands present. This serves as a nice space saver rather than having a cluster of buttons on every page. Selecting the down arrow on the right side of the button will open the drop down menu to the other commands.

Below are examples of command buttons with and without a dropdown menu. These command buttons can be found on the right side of the screen. Under “Action,” there are commands that perform, you guessed it, an action, such as attaching a file. Under “Export,” the commands are used to export the file/document via pdf or print.


Dropdown menus can be found throughout AEFIS, especially when Admins create content for an institution, such as Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs).


These are just some of the command buttons and dropdown menus users will come across while using AEFIS. Do not worry. AEFIS keeps everything simple for ease of use.

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