AEFIS 3.43 Release Notes – May 2019

3.43 Release Notes
3.43 Training Release: Monday, May 6th, 2019
Next Release:
3.44 Training Release: Monday, June 3rd, 2019


AEFIS-Managed Assignments — Submissions Page Improvements

  • On the Submissions page, there is now a column listing whether there is an attachment submitted or not
  • If there is an attachment, the Actions dropdown menu now contains a download option

AEFIS-Assignments — All Assignments now appear in Export Gradebook

  • On the AEFIS Assignments page, you have to option to “Export Gradebook”. If Assignments Not Managed in AEFIS and Assignments Managed in AEFIS were used, the latter would not be pulled in, even if completed. Now, all completed assignments’ grades will pull into this export.


Course Learning Outcome Audit Report — Error Message resolved

  • When selecting the Outcomes Parameter “All” within this report, two red bar errors would be displayed and no data would appear. This has since been fixed and verified.

Direct Assessment Summary Report — PDF Exports are now available at the Performance Indicator level

  • When running this report to display an aggregate of Direct Assessment data, you can choose to aggregate by Program Learning Outcome or by Performance Indicator. However, the PDF export until now would just display the Program Learning Outcome level. Now, depending on which parameter selection is made, the export will reflect your selection.

Assessment Form UI Improvements

  • When pressing a singular cell in the Assessment Form View, the following changes have been made
  • Percentage Ranges in the “Performance” section will show correctly based on Assignment Linking Page
  • Spacing between multiple listed assignments linked has been widened to make assignment details easier to view

Syllabus Form — MS Word Export Bug Resolved

  • The export would start generating a PDF instead of a Word doc. Now, each option will export to the correct format

Direct Assessment Assignments — Zero Point Assignment Calculation Bug

  • Previously, there was an error caused by the system trying to run assessment calculations when zero total point assignments were linked as evidence. Now, no calculations will be run and no data will be displayed until an assignment is chosen that has a max total points possible > 0.

Direct Assessments — Multiple Submission LMS Assignments Grading methods now supported

  • When trying to link a multiple submission LMS assignment for assessment, often they use grading methods such as “last graded attempt”, “average of all attempts”, “first graded attempt”, and etc. These have now been included in the LMS Integration import so that the correct grades are pulled for these assignment types.
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