AEFIS 3.42 Release Notes – April 2019

3.42 Release Notes
3.42 Training Release: Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019
Next Release:
3.43 Training Release: Monday, May 6th, 2019


AEFIS-Gradebook Improvements

  • Auto-Redirect from Submissions page directly to the student in Gradebook if you select “Grade Submission”
  • Full Rubric Criteria Name, Points, and Description will be displayed to the graders
  • Auto-Save Timer slowed so that the pop-ups indicating that changes have been saved do not overload the grader
  • Search bar allows graders to quickly find the student from the list of enrollments


Practicums — Faculty section of split screen form is now editable

  • A bug was locking both the student submission and the faculty fields they were supposed to fill out. This has been corrected so that each user can now complete their sections of the Practicum

AEFIS-Managed Assignments — Completed Assignments would not display in “Export Gradebook”

  • The Export Gradebook would only work for Assignments Not Managed in AEFIS or AEFIS-Managed Assignments, not both. This has been corrected so that all Grade data will be exported together.

Assignment Linking Page Bug when Assessment is Re-Opened – Resolved!

  • If an Assessment is completed but is later re-opened, the Assignment Linking page would not allow any edits to the assignment linkings. This has been resolved so that the page is now editable.

Survey Results Tree — Course Section Drill Down Bug – Resolved!

  • When drilling down in the Survey Results Tree (Survey Results by College), you were prevented from viewing the section level due to a temporary permission issue that has since been resolved.

Canvas LMS Assignments — Draft Assignments Bug

  • Draft assignments on the LMS side are removed from the Assignments import in AEFIS to prevent this error. Only published Canvas LMS Assignments will appear on the Assignments page.
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