AEFIS 3.32 Release Notes – June 2018

3.32 Training Release: Monday, June 4th, 2018
Next Release
3.33 Training Release: Monday, July 2nd, 2018 

New Features

  • In pages such as Survey Results list and Course Assignments, the courses/course sections are listed with their subject code. By selected them now, you can use a hyperlink to move directly to that course/course section home page.


Reports can use multi-select if the surveys are from the same template

  • In the Course Evaluation Analysis and the Course Section Trend Analysis, you can select a Survey Instance listed when choosing the report parameters. Now, you may use Shift+click to select multiple surveys from the same template and generate them all into the same report 


Survey Notification Date Lock bug

  • If you set a survey date (Survey Notification, Start, End, or Results Available) at the Department, College, or Institution-level and then choose to lock those settings, changes cannot be made below that permission-level. A bug was resolved where the lock was not working correctly for when surveys were in a certain status.

Assessment Results/Direct Assessment Graph Reports Bugs

  • Several bugs were found to be affecting this report that has been resolved including:

    • The Assessment Results Report would not run unless All Programs were selected in the parameters field
    • The Direct Assessment Graph Report will now correctly display the “Assessment Count” parameter option to match the graph that already displays the Assessment Count as the y-axis value.

Migration of Assignment Samples for previous terms Direct Assessments

  • With the rewrite completed for Direct Assessments, the previous terms uploaded documents of student evidence were hidden from view. The AEFIS Team has completed a migration for these previous terms so that they will appear in the Course Section>>Assignment Samples area

Student Outcome Achievement Report can now be exported

  • When trying to export the Student Outcome Achievement Report to CSV/Excel, the user would receive a corrupted file error. This has been resolved to now work as expected.

Student Majors will now appear in their relevant pages

  • Should they be provided by the institution in their AEFIS Data Files, the student majors will now display in the Course Section Enrollment page as well as Downloaded Templates for the Course Section Assignment area.

AEFIS Gradebook – Improvement to workflow

  • Based on some feedback, it appeared that if multiple rubric criteria or high enrollment numbers existed, the AEFIS Gradebook had major speed/freezing issues. The issues have been resolved and the process has been significantly improved.
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