AEFIS 3.31 Release Notes – May 2018

3.31 Training Release: Monday, May 14th, 2018
Next Release
3.32 Training Release: Monday, June 4th, 2018 

New Features

Reports – Ability to select “Next 50 results”

  • Before this change, any report selected could only have a maximum of 50 items selected in a report for exporting and would require manual un-selecting/re-selecting the next 50 resulting rows for export.
  • Now, you will notice that you can select 1-50, 51-100, etc. easily from the white box used for selection located in the top right of the resulting report


Added Ability to change Survey Administrator

  • Previously, you could only change the Survey Administrator by reaching out to get the database updated. Now, by going to the Survey Schedule>>Details, you can press the blue hyperlink “Edit Administrator” located above the currently listed one. The survey schedule must be un-published into DRAFT status to complete this action

Changes to Syllabus Update Emails for Linked Course Sections 

  • Child-linked course sections will no longer receive emails to update their syllabi. Since the action is already completed and filtered down from the master linked section, the email reminders should follow the same logic.

Course Section Trend Analysis Report – Question ordering updated

  • Previously, the exports of this report seemed to show the questions and their results listed in a random order. The export will now show the questions ordered in the manner they were listed within the survey form when it was being completed.


Linked Course Sections – syllabus publishing bug resolved

  • A bug was found that when publishing a master-linked course section, the child-linked course section would remain in Faculty Pending status. It has since been re-implemented so that the child section is automatically pushed to published if the master section is.

Exporting Reports – Invalid Parameters bug fixed

  • An Invalid Parameters error was showing that prevented Course Section Trend Analysis and Course Evaluation Analysis reports from being exported. This has since been resolved to allow them to run correctly again.
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