AEFIS 3.17 Release Notes – March 2017

Release Timeline:
Training Release: Monday, March 6th, 2017
Production Release: TBD by Customer
Release Goal: The 3.17 Release was focused on improving assessment and survey reporting. Over the last few months, we have received many requests for updates to our current reports to provide you and your faculty with the data you need for annual reporting.

Detailed List of Client Feature Requests and Issues Resolved

  1. New! Cross-listed course functionality for surveys. – Instruction Guide to Follow!
  2. New! Ability to choose which instructors (primary & secondary) to be included in the instructor multi-choice and instructor text/memo questions for Student Course Evaluations – Instruction Guide to Follow!
  3. New! The ability for INST, College, and Department Admins to simulate taking a Student Course Evaluation, Faculty Course Evaluation or General Course Evaluation. This will available in the Survey Template, Survey Schedule, and Surveys. – Instruction Guide to Follow!
  4. New! Faculty Login As ability for College Admin Permission. This will be a setting that the Institutional Admin can turn on/off per college. If it is turned on for a College Admin, they will only be able to log in as faculty that are teaching courses within their college.
  5. Updated assessment results by course section for faculty.
  6. Updated minimum results functionality. If a college, department or institutional admin changes the minimum results for a completed survey it will automatically update on the My Course Evaluations widget for the faculty.
  7. General overall reports improvements to Course & Evaluation Reports
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