URSON-AEFIS Receives IMS Global Learning Impact Award 2021

AEFIS-URSON Designated as a 2021 Award Finalist
Learning Impact Awards: The Future of EdTech Starts Here

Project Name: “Comprehensive Learner Record: Empowering Embedded Assessment of Competency to Determine Student Readiness for Real-World Problems.”

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“What distinguishes IMS Global’s Learning Impact Awards is its pragmatic focus. Compared to other award programs in the education sector, a greater amount of work goes into the Learning Impact Awards evaluation process. Judges assess entries based on the use of technology in an educational institution context with clear evidence of learning impact.”

IMS Global

Project Abstract

As part of a broader initiative to shift from a traditional didactic curriculum to a competency-driven curriculum, the URSON developed an ePortfolio system but quickly realized that it was not enough to support student learning and
program-level assessment.

Enlisting the support of their assessment management platform as a partner, AEFIS provided the necessary infrastructure to enable URSON to transition to Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) to enable real-time assessment for student learning.

Using a set of pilot courses, URSON began building the curriculum infrastructure to support their CLR outcomes beginning in March 2020. In this effort, CLR serves as both a formative and summative assessment, which
enables students to reflect on feedback in context with their learning and skills attainment and share records of achievement
with potential employers.

Video Overview of Award-Winning Project

Download Our Project Infographic PDF

CLR can help you capture assessment data in real-time, so that you as an academic leader can see where students are falling and provide interventions just in time. Ultimately, students can see their areas for improvement, engage in learning resources provided by faculty, and reassess, and progress on time, but with the skills that will make them better practitioners, better employees, and more successful leaders.

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