Sneak Peek! Credential Innovations for Inclusive Pathways to Professions—AEFIS contributes to new scholarly work

AEFIS collaborates with Dr. Sherri Braxton of Bowdoin College and Dr. Natasha Jankowski, Educational Consultant to publish a chapter in a new book to be released ahead of schedule! September, 2021.

Book Title: Credential Innovations for Inclusive Pathways to Professions Yi Huang (Coppin State University, USA)

Chapter: Comprehensive Learner Record as a Vehicle for Assessment and Learning Transparency in a Skills Economy (Chapter 11)

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Credential Innovations for Inclusive Pathways to Professions surveys the state of e-credential exam current practices and explores future impactions with case studies highlighting e-credentials and alternative e-credentials issued through a variety of agencies across the nation. This book simultaneously increases the quality and value of e-credentials through collective research and development, while at the same time improving validity and transparency of e-credentials through multi-sector partnerships for inclusive excellence. Covering topics such as credential value, digital badging, and social learning communities, this book is an ideal resource for managers, teachers, administrators, researchers, students, professors, and academicians.

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Chapter Abstract

Chapter 11: Comprehensive Learner Record as a Vehicle for Assessment and Learning Transparency in a Skills Economy

by Sherri Braxton, Suzanne Carbonaro, Natasha Jankowski

This chapter outlines assessment technology that supports the development of Comprehensive Learner Record, or CLR, which is “the new generation of secure and verifiable learning records which includes the context of learning achievements within courses, competencies and skills, and employer-based learning achievements” (Wolf & Carbonaro, 2021, p. 1). Here the authors present the theoretical landscape upon which current credentialing innovation builds, explore advancements through a case study of practice between University Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and the Greater Washington Partnership (GWP), and culminate with an overview of the assessment technology that ultimately facilitates recognition, validation, and portability of learning in the form of a Comprehensive Learner Record.

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We look forward to the publication of this book featuring our partners from the Univerity of Maryland, Baltimore County, and other pioneers who are laying the foundation for digital credentials to be the educational currency for the future.

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