How to use Filters?

As part of improved usability of the AEFIS Academy website, in many areas we implemented Interest-Based Filters.
These make it very easy for you to quickly find resources of interest to you.

In order to find the resource you need quickly, you have filters such as “Interests”, “Type”, “Categories” (the “Categories” appears when you set up the “Type”) and order it by date, popularity, or alphabetically. The functionality of the “Order by” filter also depends on the post type you choose.

Here is a simple example of how you could use it.
You choose “Assessment” as interest and set the “Type” as “Blogs”, and to find the latest updated resource you choose to sort it by date.

As soon as you choose “Type” you can also choose the category related to the post types. By choosing the category, you might get more related matches, as the screenshot shows.

With the help of the filters, you got 5 matches ordered by date. So easy to find what you were looking for!

Also here is the “Community network” where you can find members by interests and order it by community points or resсent activity. That’s what we are going to do. Let’s set up the filters like this:

You get 23 community members best matched for you and ordered by community points they own:

Hopefully, the guidance was useful for you and you will use our helping filters in the future!

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