AEFIS Self Study + Accreditation Reporting Solution Overview

Collaborate to create your Self-Study with rich content, and easily incorporate content and evidence from all AEFIS Solutions!

Process planning, improvement, and assessment in Higher Ed is difficult, documenting your hard work shouldn’t be! AEFIS provides you all the tools to collaborate on and create your accreditation reports and self-study. With our flexible content creation workflow, your team will work with an easy-to-use online word processor and collaborate on the content in real-time.

We have predefined templates for your Accreditor and you can easily add any information from AEFIS, along with the evidence collected across your institution on AEFIS.

Once your documentation is completed, chapter by chapter, all you need to do is export the results from AEFIS and everything you created will be exported into a self-contained package viewable anywhere!

“5-Min Walkthrough” Video

Key Benefits

Collaborative Content and Section Workflows

Work with your committee members together to create content in a timely manner. Our self-study solution provides you an easy-to-use, enjoyable content editing experience.

Predefined Templates

AEFIS has built-in templates for all major Accreditors. You just need to select the right accreditor and create a self-study. All the necessary sections and predefined content will be populated and you have a working document from day one!

Embed Smart Content

Pull in artifacts collected through AEFIS Evidence Bank or other AEFIS Solutions and embed them directly into the appropriate section(s) of the self-study as evidence for meeting that standard.

Evidence Bank

Collect all of your data and other artifacts from institutional stakeholders in one place and tag these to the appropriate standards or strategic goals. AEFIS evidence bank streamlines your evidence collection process.

Flexible Export contains Everything Necessary

Just press a button and AEFS will create a comprehensive package including all of the documentation you need to enable a successful review and self-study.


  • Manage a collaborated self-study by assigning editors & approvers to sections to contribute or review
  • Preloaded professional and regional accreditation templates
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive evidence bank for collecting and approving evidence for self-studies 
  • Manage deadlines and rubric for publishing self-study
  • Create AEFIS Smart Content to pull data automatically 
  • Configure attachments and appendices within the self-study 
  • Automated export for easy submission to any accreditor

Success Examples

  • Texas A&M International University successfully submitted their 5th Year SACSCOC Self-Study with our HTML Export
  • University of Rochester creating collaborative space for all stakeholders to contribute to Middle States Self-Study and various Professional Accreditors
  • Texas A&M University using Self-Study and Evidence Bank for SACSCOC Self-Study due in 2022
  • SUNY Oswego using the Self-Study and Evidence Bank for Middle States Report

Developed with Partners

This solution like all other AEFIS solutions has been developed in collaboration with the following partner institutions:

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