AEFIS Experience Placement Solution


Learners across universities and colleges participate in multidisciplinary experiences curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular. Careful understanding and management of these experiences is necessary to support the institutional mission linked to student success initiatives as well as for regional and national accreditation. In addition, professional schools require formal clinical components as part of licensure, certification, completion of a program(s), and/or graduation. Clinical or field coordinators manage hundreds of students at various sites from schools to hospitals to community facilities and there is an immediate need that these data be maintained and sustained for continuous improvement and accreditation requirements.

“Experience Placement” is #aefisable

AEFIS “Experience Placement” (EP) Solution enables global management of experiential learning across students’ academic experience. AEFIS EP provides dashboards and reports for stakeholders to review the types, diversity and performance of placements, an ability to make placements linked to an internal or external organization and its mentors and conduct assessment of student artifacts and performance in experiences linked to knowledge, skills and abilities. AEFIS EP provides a learner application workflow, central management of placements, maintains a database of sites and mentors and their relationships with learners and links outcomes and skills of these placements onto the Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR). In sum, EP provides a systematic approach from a student’s entry into a clinical experience through graduation and licensing for all candidates of programs.

Key Benefits

  • Serve as a single source of truth for managing and assessing experience placements
  • Manage types of experience placement offerings across the institution within curricular and co-curricular spaces
  • Enable learners to apply for experience placements
  • Track students’ experience placements across their learning journey
  • Offer new ways of thinking about and sharing experiences
  • Track and assess HIPs, micro-credentials, service-learning and university/college employment
  • Enable Experience Placements to be shared with employers on Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR)

Why AEFIS “Experience Placement” Solution?

The powerful integration of AEFIS solutions connects the Experience Placement Solution to Practicum data, both academic and co-curricular assessment data and integrations with your Learning Management System, Student Information System and other campus systems. With AEFIS, you harness the power of a single source of truth for all data points on a given student and their lifecycle of experiences.

Developed by Partners for Partners!

This solution has been developed in collaboration with a cohort of partner institutions representing health professions and schools of education programs as well as institutional experience management.

The cohort included the following AEFIS Partners:

The above cohort served as a community of practice whose charge was to mindfully discuss current challenges, offer solutions, and review and work within the Solution.

When Will EP Be Available?

AEFIS “Experience Placement” Solution is scheduled for release during the Summer of 2021.


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