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Recognition of innovation and positive impact. AEFIS Innovation Awards are presented to partners who are positively impacting their campus, colleagues, and many other stakeholders including students through their academic leadership of innovatively using AEFIS to drive continuous improvement efforts and student success. Some of our past winners include Dr. Jane Marie Souza, Associate Provost from the University of Rochester, Dr. Colin Suchland, Chair, Learning Outcomes Assessment Team at Lincoln Land Community College, and our very own Suzanne Carbonaro former Director of Assessment at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

Also Coming Soon! Want to nominate an AEFIS community member from your institution or a colleague at another institution who is impacting change through innovation? Well, we will have a form form that! LOL

AEFIS Innovation & AEFIS Partner Award Recipents

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This is a partial list of award recipients — Coming Soon! All of our past AEFIS Partner Award recipients will be listed on this page.

2020 Awards — Coming Soon!

2019 Awards as part of Drexel Assessment Conference
Joe Hawk, Executive Director of Assessment & Accreditation, Drexel University
Dana Scott, Director of Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes, Thomas Jefferson University
Dr. Colin Suchland, Chair, Learning Outcomes Assessment Team, Professor of Sociology, Lincoln Land Community College
Dr. Andrew Wolf, Director for Educational Effectiveness, and Assistant Professor at the University of Rochester School of Nursing, University of Rochester


2019 Awards as part of AALHE ConferenceDr. Lisa Brown, Assistant Director of Enterprise Applications, University of RochesterDr. Natasha Jankowski, Executive Director of the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 

2018 Awards as part of Drexel Assessment Conference
Suzanne Carbonaro, Director of Academic Partnerships, AEFIS
Dr. Jane Marie Souza, Associate Provost for Academic Administration, University of Rochester

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