Build knowledge and experience with your community, and help others.

Engage in communities of practice, start or join research projects, offer or contribute consulting, peer review, and share your expertise to discussions, book groups and Special Interest Groups with colleagues and friends. Collaborate with your community, feed your passions, and fulfill your needs all in one place. It’s your community. 

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Attend Community Events

Community Events at AEFIS Academy provide you with a balance of current issues, challenges and best practices in teaching, learning, and assessment along with evergreen, entertaining and exciting opportunities to engage with today’s leaders, innovators, and heroes within the higher education community. 

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Engage in Community Forums

Contribute to today’s most important conversations by posting your comments, resources, and questions on community forums associated with our Series, special events, and groups. Once you are registered for an event or part of a group, you will get notifications when someone posts, which is an invitation for you to respond with your feedback. The community needs you and your resources! Contribute today!

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Participate in Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups or SIGs are a great way to engage your tribe and get work done! Need to hold meetings and have all of the resources in one place? Want to engage a larger community in skills-based assessment, performance assessment, alternative assessment or student success related to a specific accreditation report? SIGs at AEFIS Academy is your answer. SIGs can be by invitation only or open to the public. Whatever the interest, there is a SIG for that. Get involved in a SIG and start innovating today.

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Serve as a Community Leader

Looking for Leaders! It’s your community, help build and manage, your way. We are looking for volunteer Community Leaders, who would like to take on active roles moderating various areas in AEFIS Academy. Thank you for your leadership!

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Join Book Clubs

Create your own book club where you can choose a book or resource, invite members, and discuss “books” or other publications in a collaborative setting. Enjoy some reflective downtime with a book that ignites creativity, inspires you, or just enjoy a page-turner that serves as a release with some colleagues and friends. Consider this your book nook and space to share ideas over a book and your favorite beverage.

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Facilitate Assessment Plan Clinics

Bring it here and they will pick it apart! Peer review is one of the best ways to get feedback that is authentic, genuine, and targeted toward your specific needs. Get a different perspective on your assessment plan, framework, or self-study narrative. Drop-in, it’s your “safe space” for peer review.

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Seek Community Consulting Opportunities

Looking to get feedback on general education assessment plans, self-studies, or other initiatives you are starting up at your institution? Need an outside perspective? Join or tap into the community consulting resources. Gain access to practical advice, invaluable content, and best practices from subject matter experts from your community for free or for a fee. Find them here!

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Learning activities, on-demand webinars, self-guided curricula, best practice guides, and more.


Teach what you love! Share your knowledge and experience with your community, and help others.


Join thought leadership in assessment, authentic learner success, and lifelong learning.

It's Your Academy. Help us improve it!

Your feedback is vital to help build the best Academy
— and our community deserves it!

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