Data-Driven Integrated Planning: Methodologies in Action

Institutional success depends on long-term sustainability, connecting investments with outcomes and creating a culture that is data-informed. As the role of institutional effectiveness expands across higher ed, designing a comprehensive integrated planning process is one of the most critical ways leaders can support these efforts. Integrated planning requires a unified approach to utilizing academic and administrative data for continuous improvement. However, this can be an overwhelming process for institutions, with many unsure of where to start. Join us for a webcast to hear Dr. Christopher Davis, Vice President of Academic Services and Quality at the University of Maryland Global Campus and Dr. Douglas Masterson, Senior Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness at the University of Southern Mississippi, share their approaches to integrated planning and its role in higher ed today. They’ll also discuss best practices and lessons learned associated with their own integrated planning evolution and its impact on operational efficiency and student learning. Finally, they’ll share the challenges they encountered along the way, and what’s next for integrated planning at their institutions. If you are trying to address any of the following questions as part of your role, this session is for you:
• How can my institution roll out a truly collaborative planning process that is inclusive of stakeholders accessing data to drive their decision-making?
• To what extent does our planning process align student achievement data with financial and human resources data?
• What are the technologies and other resources needed to start an integrated planning process at my college or university?



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