AEFIS Community Response to COVID-19

Watch our 5-minute community response to COVID-19 video!

Video Overview:
Sometimes the most unfortunate events lead to the best kind of innovation and creative problem-solving. A year ago the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world. Our lives changed, our students’ lives changed, our families, our co-workers, our organizations, all changed. But within the change, the loss, and transition to new ways of doing things, there were opportunities to make a greater impact and learn something from our actions.

We consider our partners (customers) family and endeavor to support and provide exceptional service. AEFIS Client Success Model is rooted in collaboration and helps to define our product landscape.

At AEFIS, we defined a whole new vision for engaging a community stemming from our commitment to partnership, transparency, excellence, servant leadership, and mentorship.

Through alignment with these core values, AEFIS Academy was created.

We stand together in support of the community in a time of radical transition.

How can AEFIS help you? Let's explore!

It's Your Academy. Help us improve it!

AEFIS Academy 2.0 Beta is developed by our community, for our community! This is our collaborative space and we want everyone to help build the best Academy— because our community deserves it! Your feedback is vital to the continued growth and improvement of our center for communities of practice.
Let’s do awesome things, together!

It's Been A Year...

We stand together in support of community in a time social distance.

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Welcome to AEFIS Academy 2.0 Beta!

Here is what’s driving us to do it and why…

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