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AEFIS Makerspace: Design Your Success Journey with AEFIS

SACSCOC 2021 Annual Meeting & Educational Excellence Expo


Ms. Kallie Rogers

Associate Manager of Client Development


December 3, 2021 @ 10:00 AM 10:45 AM EST


Welcome to your Makerspace! We are excited to work with you.

Design Your Success Journey

Let’s create your Success Plan! Our Client Development Team will be available to help you design your assessment success journey. We will start with your goals and challenges, and provide you with guiding questions to help you conceptualize and organize your success journey. From our conversation, our Client Success Team will perform an analysis and provide insights and share any experiences from the field. You will receive your finalized Success Plan Blueprint you can use with or without AEFIS!

Makerspace Learning Outcomes

From this activity, you will be able to:
1. Discuss your goals, challenges, and timelines
2. Consider your immediate questions and share experiences from the field.
3. Examine how an integrated all-in-one assessment platform can empower student and faculty success
4. Deliver a Success Plan Blueprint you can use with or without AEFIS!

Then What

As a result, you can use your Success Plan Blueprint and our recommendations to do the following:
1. Consider your current efforts, partners, timelines, resources, and risks
2. Think beyond quick fixes and tackle broader issues and systems
3. Deliver authentic lifelong learning, skills recognition, and employability enablement
4. Create a student-centered institution
5. Build a sustainable momentum and demonstrate the impact of ongoing work
6. Execute strategies for approaching analytics, the educational experience, academic support, and learner well-being

Let’s get to work!


Ms. Kallie Rogers, Associate Manager of Client Development, AEFIS

Kallie leads the Client Development Process and helps to build and manage AEFIS partnerships. She is passionate about supporting and collaborating with colleagues to determine their assessment needs and goals to achieve their vision of success. Kallie received her undergraduate degree from Drexel University in 2019 with majors in Marketing and Organizational Management. Since joining the AEFIS Team in 2019, Kallie has led over a dozen institutions through the Client Development Process, including Northeastern University, Southern Methodist University, and Saint Leo University, and serves as an account representative for current partners. Kallie also successfully managed and completed five Sandbox Experience Cohorts. In addition to leading the Client Development Team, Kallie supports ongoing marketing redesign efforts and community success initiatives like AEFIS Makerspace as part of AEFIS Academy.



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