AEFIS Users Meeting Anywhere (AUM-A, Pronounced “Ohmmm”)

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AEFIS Users Meeting Anywhere (AUM-A, “Ohmmm”)

AEFIS Users Meeting Anywhere (AUM-A, “Ohmmm”) offers you the opportunity to hear current AEFIS Users’ strategies for implementing and using AEFIS to support their assessment, continuous improvement, and accreditation efforts.

We began these gatherings at the Drexel Assessment Conference in fall 2018. And prior to COVID-19, we held AEFIS Users Meetings in-person at as a part of conferences which were also in-person. Now, with the help of AEFIS Users, we created our communities of practice site, AEFIS Academy, where we hold AUM-A regularly, as part of our running series of events.

Our inaugural AUM-A was in June 2020 as part of the AALHE Conference Online. As the highlight of our Users Meeting, we are delighted to have our partners give Lightning Talks on the tremendous work they are doing at their institution and AEFIS Innovation Awards awarded to partners who are positively impacting their campus, colleagues, and many others through their academic leadership of innovatively using AEFIS.

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