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  • AEFIS Experience Placement Solution

    AEFIS “Experience Placement” (EP) Solution enables global management of experiential learning across students’ academic experience. AEFIS EP provides dashboards and reports for stakeholders to review the types, diversity and performance of placements, an ability to make placements linked to an internal or external organization and its mentors and conduct assessment of student artifacts and performance in experiences linked to knowledge, skills and abilities. AEFIS EP provides a learner application workflow, central management of placements, maintains a database of sites and mentors and their relationships with learners and links outcomes and skills of these placements onto the Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR). In sum, EP provides a systematic approach from a student’s entry into a clinical experience through graduation and licensing for all candidates of programs.
  • Ready to CLR? Strength Analysis Planning to Implement Comprehensive Learner Record at Your Institution.

    AEFIS enables the digitization of higher education assessment processes, student learning journey, and student achievement initiatives. And as a CLR pioneer, from both an academic and technical perspective, AEFIS has successfully completed IMS Global Learning Consortium certification conformance assessment for Comprehensive Learner Record(CLR) specifications standard, making AEFIS the first software solution to achieve this certification.
  • Linking Activities & Assessments Held Outside Courses to Institutional Learning Outcomes

    Partner: University of Nebraska Medical CenterLocation: Omaha, NE Challenge Collect, score and link comprehensive exams to University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) Institutional Level Objectives…

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