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  • Promoting Teaching, Value, & Scholarship at Texas A&M International

    Faculty contribute to an institution in so many diverse ways. But how can you create an efficient way to capture their teaching, scholarship, and value? What type of commitment is that? Certainly, it requires collaboration. Additionally, there is the challenge of building a sustainable process for capturing data that is going to be maintained in the future. Texas A&M International University needed to answer these questions as they began their search for an effective and user-friendly way to engage faculty in collecting their data for institutional improvement and effectiveness.
  • Planning for a Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) at University of Minnesota

    Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) is a dynamic portfolio of student learning anywhere and through a collaborative approach with university stakeholders, the University of Minnesota is embarking on the implementation of Comprehensive Learner Record.
  • Digitizing Annual Assessment Planning and Reporting

    AEFIS Solution: SCSU is one of the largest institutions in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system and became an AEFIS Partner in August 2019. As part of their AEFIS Success Plan, SCSU sought to take their Annual Assessment Planning and Reporting process and digitize the entire process. AEFIS Data Collection Forms & Workflow solution provided the flexibility and nimbleness St. Cloud needed to build a six-stage workflow for the collection of their assessment plan and reports annually.

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  • Reimagining Academic Improvement

    Then my dean asked me to join what was then called the Assessment Committee. How little I knew! Since that time I have been part of three major overhauls to our campus structure and leadership: 1. developing new campus teams, 2. department realignment, and 3. the reinvention of assessment and curriculum processes.
  • It is Uplifting When Excellence is Recognized and Awarded

    So why is this announcement so uplifting to me? I am not an IT person, nor am I an educational technologist. I am simply an end-user benefitting greatly from the transformative work that has been done in that arena. I have had the privilege of working with two of the award recipients: Mustafa Sualp, CEO of AEFIS, and Ozgur Yogurtcu, AEFIS Chief Technology Officer. While I cannot claim to understand how they make the magic happen, I have a deep appreciation for what drives them to do this work. I have witnessed first-hand their desire to support and improve the resources that facilitate quality in education.
  • Assessment is a Process, Not a Product

    “And don’t forget to do your assessment – we don’t want any of our programs to be out of compliance!” This sentence makes me cringe. This used to be the assessment culture on my campus.


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