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  • Lightning Talk Series—What You Need to Say and Do to Make Learning Accessible for All Students at Montgomery County Community College

    This session will focus on the advancements made to the accessibility of learning resources for all students. As campuses provide more digital delivery models and resources such as online textbooks, digital progress dashboards, and skills portfolios to enhance student learning, accessibility plans are being revised to ensure that all students can easily participate and use these resources to support their success.
  • Panel Discussion—Accessibility and Assessment: What You Need to Know

    When it comes to supporting your students and campus work environments, colleges and universities have led the charge in providing equitable access to educational opportunities and resources to enable success. Generally speaking, accessibility can be considered a prerequisite to validity, with regards to testing, for instance, where a test score interpretation is justifiable for a particular purpose and supported by evidence and theory (Roelofs, 2019). Having access means you as a learner have available the foundational elements and resources to support your learning and development, preparation, and guidance to be assessed fairly on content, to receive feedback that helps them to improve, and to use intervention materials to become successful.


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  • Your Accessibility & Assessment Resources

    Accessibility and Assessment Series consists of several events over the course of three months. Community leaders representing higher ed and K-12 are sharing out their best practices strategies and research to support the creation and revision of your institutional accessibility plans. Topics and resources center on how to enable equitable access to learning and learning resources that support success for all students. Throughout this series, a variety of thought leaders will come together in conversation around what the current relationship between accessibility and assessment entails, what the relationship should or could be, and what the revisions, changes, and new innovations need to be developed to support teaching and learning at your institution.

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