Your Communities of Practice






Your Communities of Practice

Learning activities, on-demand webinars, self-guided curricula, best practice guides, and more.

At AEFIS Academy, we believe in lifelong learning as a core value of our work together. With this in mind, we are collaborating with the Community, all of you, to develop learning experiences and hands-on resources that provide you with opportunities to learn something today and try it out tomorrow at your institution. 

 We have a number of live Series and Special events that help you learn from each other and adapt takeaways in the context of your work.

Meet Our Partners Series

Learn about best practices and winning assessment strategies from our expert users and VIPs⁠—Very Important Partners! Get a chance to have thought leadership discussions with these amazing colleagues and exchange battle stories from the field.

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Active Learning Lab (ALL) Series

Active Learning Lab or ALL workshop series is participant-driven, hands-on experience for users who want to learn how to more efficiently implement assessment processes and solutions on their institutions.

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Learning activities, on-demand webinars, self-guided curricula, best practice guides, and more.


Teach what you love! Share your knowledge and experience with your community, and help others.


Engage in communities of practice events, activities, and discussions with colleagues and friends.


Join thought leadership in assessment, authentic learner success, and lifelong learning.

Better together in research, teaching and learning. Browse through some of the best research projects right here on AEFIS Academy. See a research project that piqued your interest? Reach out the research lead, share your interest, and how you can contribute and begin collaborating. Jump in today and get working!

Start a research project today and get working. We know that we are at our best when we work with each other. Do you have a research interest and need some collaborators? You can add your abstract and research questions here! Then you can develop a research project with collaborators from institutions across the country using AEFIS Academy as your home base.

Join a Research Project

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    This is a collaboration project to help define the meaning and requirements for effective ”research enablement”, more

    Mustafa Sualp Suzanne Carbonaro AEFIS Academy

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