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Accessibility and Assessment Series consists of several events over the course of three months. Community leaders representing higher ed and K-12 are sharing out their best practices strategies and research to support the creation and revision of your institutional accessibility plans. Topics and resources center on how to enable equitable access to learning and learning resources that support success for all students. Throughout this series, a variety of thought leaders will come together in conversation around what the current relationship between accessibility and assessment entails, what the relationship should or could be, and what revisions, changes, and new innovations need to be developed to support teaching and learning at your institution.

Library of Resources & Community Leaders

Over the next several months, our panelists will be contributing amazing articles, blogs, media, and more! We are putting together these resources for you to review, download and use within your role at your institution.


Ms. Tracy Kaiser-Goebel

Director of Educational Effectiveness

Montgomery County Community College

Dr. Colin Suchland

Chair, Learning Outcomes Assessment Team, Professor of Sociology

Lincoln Land Community College

Dr. Jennifer Billman


Harrisburg Area Community College

Danielle Hickey

Special Ed Teacher/SLE Coordinator

Ewing Public Schools

Susan Masciantonio

Director of Faculty Success, Assistant Professor of English

Montgomery County Community College

Mrs. Jennifer Osinski

Director of the Accessibility Office

Bucks County Community College

Amy Tessitore

Senior Manager of Engagement Services

Open LMS

Suzanne Carbonaro

Director of Academic Partnerships


Rubrics & Syllabi

Articles and Multimedia

Community Blogs

Questions for Discussion

  • What does Accessibility mean to you? 
  • How would you define accessibility?
  • How to provide accessibility experiences for students?
  • How can we ensure students, as well as faculty and administration, are aware of their accessibility needs and empowered to seek out resources that will support them effectively?
  • Is chat accessible for all learners?
  • Can you enable closed caption for Zoom and other webinar solutions? What about transcripting?
  • What are the differences between high school and college accommodations?
  • What are some best practices for accommodations in lab-based classrooms (e.g., science and the arts)?

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