What Are Community Engagement Points?

Community Engagement Points™ (“CEPs”) are points that you can earn for a wide variety of activities on our platform.  Community members begin to accumulate points from the moment they join the Academy and for many of the common actions on the platform like commenting, friending, posting, etc.  

You can see your CEPs total on your member profile.  These points are then used or referenced in many different ways to help increase your Status, Access, Influence, and Leverage on the platform.   

By Status, we mean that not only can you see your point balance but you can see others as well through their profiles.  You can also see your point balance in relation to other members of the Academy in one of our Leaderbaords.  

By Access we mean that as you accumulate points at certain point balance thresholds your point balance unlocks or gives you access to new content, new groups, new functionality, new tools, and much more.

By Influence, we mean as you accumulate points, which unlocks Access, Achievements, and Ranks you begin to have greater influence in the community.  This means you can be promoted to Community Leadership roles and levels and be given some really cool Super Powers on the platform.

By Leverage, we mean that the points you earn on the platform will actually be translated into your Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) on AEFIS and can be used to advance your career in the “real world” while empowering you to leverage your online activities to impact your offline world.

Just some of the ways you can earn CEPs on the Academy Platform are:

  1. Logging In
  2. Following A Member
  3. Friending Another Member
  4. Commenting On Posts
  5. Writing An Activity Post
  6. Joining a Group
  7. Publishing a New Post
  8. Creating a New Forum
  9. Creating a Group
  10. Getting a Follower
  11. Watching a Video
  12. More to Come

You also receive points when you accomplish Achievements on the platform.

  1. First Login
  2. First Comment
  3. First Event Registration
  4. More to Come

Learn how CEPs unlock Community Ranks in the next sections of this help document.

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