Update Educational Experiences in your Program after a Course or Co-Curricular Activity is Revised – NEW!

Updated: June 2021
Description:  When a Course is revised and republished, it creates a new version of that course in your AEFIS system.  AEFIS does not automatically update the Courses or Co-curricular Activities in your Program, as you may be making changes to the Course that will not take effect in your Program’s Curriculum Map until a future date.  This guide will provide you with the steps to update these Courses/Co-curricular Activities in the Educational Experiences in a Program once your revision process is complete.  
Applies to: Institution Admin, College Admin, Department Admin, Program Coordinator

Note: If this change needs to take place and apply to the Course Sections in the current term please use this guide instead. 

Step by Step…

Step 1: Open the AEFIS Main Menu by selecting the three white horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner 
Step 2: Select Programs from the Programs Menu
Step 3: Use the Search option, or scroll to identify any Programs identified in the Associated Programs screen on the Course/Co-curricular you are updating
Step 4: Select Manage next to the Program you would like to update
Step 5: Select the blue Revise button in the top right of the screen.  This will create an In-Revision version of the Program that will allow you to update the Course/Co-curricular and related mappings.
Step 6: Navigate to the Educational Experiences through the left Program menu once the In-Revision Program loads
Step 7: Locate the Course that was updated on the list of Educational Experiences and click the +Update button to the left of that Course/Co-curricular 
Step 8: Navigate to Mapping By Course or Mapping by Outcome to update any Curriculum Mapping, if necessary  
Step 9: Select the blue Publish button at the top right of the screen, and make sure that the in-progress assessment update is toggled on if you would like to apply these Course/Co-curricular changes to the In-Progress Assessments as seen below:

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