Term Management Import [Excel Template] for Partial Terms Only

Applicable to: Institution Admin Only

Instructions for downloading the Term Management Excel Template for Importing Terms

  1. AEFIS Menu – Terms
  2. Term Management – Export Terms
  3. Excel Template Instructions: BLUE= Required Fields,  ORANGE = OPTIONAL
    • Code: This is your Partial Term Code or if the row is the Parent Term add the Parent Term Code here. 
    • Name: Term Name (Fall Semester 2021) 
    • Type: We have 4 Standard Term Types, All Partial Terms within a Parent Term need to have the same term type.  
      • Traditional Semester
      • Traditional Quarter
      • Half Year
      • Academic Year 
    • Status: Add “Draft” to this column 
    • Term Start Date: The term start date can either be the same as your First Day of Class or be a date prior to the First Day of Class. 
    • Activation Date: This is the date that the course sections will be visible on the user interface in AEFIS as well when our term activation process runs and copies content from one term to the next. 
      • The activation date should ideally be a few weeks before the First Day of Class. This ensures that activities that need to completed before the course begins can be prepared. 
      • Many AEFIS Partners will set their Activation Date to the same date that courses are available to instructors within their LMS. 
    • Term End Date: The term end date can either be the same as the Grades Due Date or be a few days or weeks after the Grades Due Date. This is the official date that will “close” or set the term to “completed” in AEFIS. 
    • Academic Year: Each term needs to be associated with an Academic Year to ensure that reporting by Academic Year includes the data from the appropriate terms. 
      • For the 2021-2022 Academic Year, add 2022 to this column. Once imported we will display in AEFIS 2021-2022. 
    • Term First Day of Class: The first day of class for the parent term or partial term. 
    • Term Last Day of Class: The last day of class for the parent term or partial term. 
    • Term First Day of Exams: This is the first day that final exams are being administered to students. 
    • Term Last Day of Exams: This is the last day that final exams are administered to students. 
    • Term Grade Due: This is the final grades due date.
    • Term Last Day Add Drop: This is the last day that students can add or drop a course section. 
    • Parent Term Code: For each Partial Term, add the Parent Term Code associated in this column. If the row is a Parent Term, leave blank. 
  4. Once the fields are completed in the Excel Template, please save the document to your computer (make sure you name it something you will remember!)
  5. Go back into AEFIS and go back to Term Management – Import Terms 
  6. All of your terms (Parent Term and Partial Terms) will display on the Terms Manager. We recommend that you review the dates to ensure there are no errors and once review to publish each of the terms accordingly. (Please note the ability to mass publish terms is coming soon!) 
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