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Human civilization was built on the sharing of stories from generation to generation.

Stories help us to understand who we really are and help us connect with others. Given all that is going on right now as we continue to socially distance and isolate, we need to tell our stories more than ever. 

Featured as part of the “Assessment: The Musical!”, this blog series provides an outlet that is safe and free to tell stories that can impact someone else. Communicate life from your lens and get some self-help along the way.

Make a greater impact with your story today. Let’s discuss how to turn all the drama into a success story!

Ready to Share Your Story? If you lived through it, why not write about it!

“Assessment: The Musical!” Series

“Assessment: The Musical!”—Episode 18 Making Your Self-Study Process Your Regular Institutional Effectiveness Process

This particular webinar is titled “Episode 18—Making Your Self-Study Process Your Regular Institutional Effectiveness Process will give us as a community an opportunity to talk more about best practices in using your self-study planning process as your institutional effectiveness planning and reporting process; your regular cadence for checking in on what is working and what needs improvement.

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