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Plan your digital transformation journey!

“People can start thinking, ‘If I just keep doing what I’m doing, that’s okay.’ But the world has become dramatically more challenging. Your business is bigger. It’s more complex technologically. You’ve got to master [new things]. You are never done.”

Ron Williams, former CEO of Aetna

Digital Transformation (DX) in higher education is the process of using technologies to create new — or modify existing— processes, culture, and student and faculty experiences to meet changing needs for data to demonstrate institutional effectiveness, outcomes of student learning and meet the requirements set by accreditation bodies. This reimagining of any organization in the digital age is digital transformation and it is a process that has been evolving for many years—accelerated by COVID-19 in more recent months.

With shrinking enrollments and equally shrinking budgets, now more than ever, higher education is seeking more meaningful data to support student success initiatives, educational quality, and resources that enable institutions to move their mission and vision forward in this changing landscape of education. Program redesign, employability standards, skill-based assessment and alternative delivery options are all chariots for DX. It means that leaders of institutions need to do things differently and guess what, that’s ok.

Key components for DX are leadership and a plan with milestones that enable stakeholders to see the value of modernizing their processes enabling easy access to data for decision-making and initiating calls to action.

How AEFIS Helps?

“We decided to go after a product like AEFIS because we knew as an institution we had outgrown the systems we had to track our strategic plan each year and as we were planning for our Middle States self study, we wanted to have a system— that could really gather in a meaningful way— institutional data to not only help us be organized and successful with our re-accreditation but also to help us continue to make the progress

Kristi Eck, Chief of Staff, Oswego State University of New York

As your technology partner, AEFIS supports you in the quest to ensure that your new platform can efficiently support your assessment efforts which include a digital transformation linked to your institutional effectiveness and the ability for your users to easily access and contribute to this important work.
As a modern educational technology platform, AEFIS is committed to providing you tools, that support the needs of your students and campus personnel.

How to Get Started—AEFIS Onboarding

Once you become an AEFIS partner, you will be asked to join an onboarding cohort (cohorts typically are every two months). As you ready yourself for your cohort, begin to engage your institutional team in reviewing the AEFIS Onboarding Guide, and the specifications of your student information system and learning management integration. In addition:

  • Do a good data governance check!
  • Review your curriculum maps.
  • Visualize how you will align your outcomes inside AEFIS.
  • Determine your short term, midterm and long term goals with AEFIS

Throughout the onboarding process, our Client Management Team will work with you to ensure your success and meet the unique needs of your institution.

The Kick-Off Call is the first step to implementation. Your Onboarding Team will be introduced to our Client Success and Technical Onboarding Teams.

We suggest you assembling a small team of individuals, “your army”, to support the successful launch of AEFIS on your campus. These include:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Technical Lead
  3. Assessment Lead
  4. AEFIS Administrator
  5. Billing Contact

The Discovery Phase allows our Client Success Team to get to know your campus and assist you in the design of an implementation timeline and plan that supports your needs.

During the Technical Onboarding phase, our Onboarding Team will work with your technical team to set up authentication, SIS Integration, LMS Integration, and configuration of your AEFIS platform. Completion of most of the technical implementation will be necessary before we can begin training your team.

During the Academic Onboarding phase, our Client Success Team will help you to learn the ins and outs of AEFIS and help you establish your AEFIS Improvement Lifecycle. Twice a month we will connect with you to ensure we are staying on track with your target timelines, tasks, and training.

In the Launch & User Adoption phase, you will be connected to numerous resources, including ongoing remote training and AEFIS Academy, a community of practice site filled with higher education leaders, other AEFIS users, and curated resources to support your DX and onboarding of AEFIS for you and your institution.

Our Client Success Team will continue to support you as you develop plans for students, faculty, and/or staff, additional resources, and training to ensure a successful launch.

Onboarding Guide and Technology Documentation

We continuously audit and update our documentation to keep current with any changes to these key resources.

AEFIS Onboarding Guide

Go through the AEFIS Technology Architecture to understand how AEFIS further supports your DX initiatives. Check out the possibilities for enhancing your reporting in AEFIS Analytics and Reporting Framework. And see how AEFIS CLR can provide rich data on competencies and skills for your students in Your CLR Resource Hub.

How can AEFIS help you? Let's explore!

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