Sandbox – How to Add/Edit Program Mapping

*Please note that this instruction guide is for 3.29+ version


  1. Click on the AEFIS menu (three horizontal lines on the left top corner).
  2. Click Programs under Programs section.
  3. In order to edit the program, the program needs to be in either Draft or In revision status.
  4. Click Program Mapping on the left side menu.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Choose the level to which the mapping will take place.
  7. Select an outcome from the available outcomes section on the left. Drag and drop it to next to the CLO or course name it is going to be mapped to.
  8. Click Exit on the top right corner to exit the program mapping view.

Quick Facts

  • If all performance indicators will be mapped course or CLO, simply drag and drop the main outcome and the system will carry all performance indicators. (Please see above image – C001)
  • If only one outcome is going to be mapped, drag and drop that single performance indicator. (Please see above image – C004)
  • To delete a specific performance indicator, hover over to the outcome and click X.
  • Click on the mapping to adjust the Performance Expectations then click Save & Close.
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