Linking Activities & Assessments Held Outside Courses to Institutional Learning Outcomes

Partner: University of Nebraska Medical Center
Location: Omaha, NE


Collect, score and link comprehensive exams to University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) Institutional Level Objectives (ILOs) even when these assessments are not part of a course.


UNMC began using AEFIS Co-Curricular Activities to score and link their comp exams to the UNMC ILOs that are adapted from the ITEACH values (Innovation, Teamwork, Excellence, Accountability, Courage, and Healing). The Graduate College and Office of Accreditation & Assessment were able to set up a program in AEFIS that allowed for them to align their comp exams to UNMC ILOs.

Impact: Based on the type of comp exam, students are enrolled into the appropriate co-curricular section in AEFIS and scored on the appropriate ITEACH Value Rubric.


As part of their AEFIS Success Plan, this process allows them to not only collect outcomes assessment data from their didactic and curricular courses through the AEFIS/Canvas Integration using LTI but also easily collect outcomes data from activities and assessments taking place outside the classroom.


As each student is scored in real-time in AEFIS, the Graduate School and Office of Assessment & Accreditation can review outcomes assessment results in AEFIS in real-time. This means no more waiting until the end of the semester or academic year to review results, giving the institution the opportunity to act on data as it is collected.

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