Exciting Improvements to our Data Collection Solution

Recently, we have been working on some exciting improvements to our Data Collection Solution which will be moved to production systems next month or two. I believe these improvements will be extremely useful to our partners and wanted to share the good news and screenshots in advance and invite feedback.

You will be able to see all the previous versions of your program, the dates that it was in effect, and all the related assessment forms in a single view.

Change Tracking in Data Collections

You will be able to select two of the forms and compare them and see the differences with detail of what was removed and added in the text.

Form Next Steps

Now users can see what the next steps are for the form at any time.

Table of Contents

We added a table of contents that also displays whether the related section has been completed or not. And titles are links to navigate to the section.

Workflow Status

In the Data Collection, we added a Workflow Status page where you can click on any stage to filter and see the forms at that stage.

Reports about Wait Time

We have new reports with college/program breakdown that displays the wait time at each stage.

Editing the Workflow

And last but surely not least, soon your team will be able to edit and make changes to the workflow using our visual designer.

We Want Your Feedback

We invite you to let us know your thoughts, feelings, and suggestions so please take a moment to add to the comments section below!

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