How to Create Practicum Template

Applicable to: Institution Admin, College Admin, Department Admin and Program Coordinator  
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Step 1: Log into your AEFIS account
Step 2: Select the three white horizontal lines in the left-hand corner to open the AEFIS Main Menu
Step 3: Navigate to Practicums>Practicums Forms 
Step 4: Select the blue + ADD TEMPLATE
Step 5: Fill out the following information in the pop-up window: 

  • Template Name
  • College
  • Department

Step 6: Select the blue Save button 
Step 7: The template Home page will populate, so select the Template Designer tab in the panel on the left-hand side 
Step 8: Select the blue Edit button in the top right-hand corner 
Step 9: Select the + SECTION in the top left-hand corner 
Step 10: Fill out the Following information: 

  • Template Section Name 
  • Template Section Description

Step 11: Select the blue Save button
Step 12: In the corresponding row of the newly created section, hover over the blue icon with the three white vertical dots and select + Add Question
Step 13: Select from the Question Type list

  • CLO Placeholder – Student: CLO Student type is used in Practicum data collections for course learning objectives.
  • Document Request: Each question option represents a document request with upload capability related to the option value.
  • Drop-Down Select
  • HTML: HTML form item type displays the rendered HTML as entered.
  • Multi-Choice, Multi Answer
  • Multi-Choice, Single Answer
  • Relational Data: A Relational Data form item type parse xml to render form item.
  • Single Line Text: A Single Line Text form item type displays single line text input box for the user to enter a response to the form item.
  • Stage Based Multi-Choice, Single Answer: The Multi-Choice form item type is used in Practicum data collections. 
  • Text/Memo: A Text/Memo form item type displays a multi-line text input box for the user to enter a response to the form item.
  • True/False 
  • Relational Data: A Relational Data form item type parse xml to render form item.

Step 14: Once you have filled in the necessary fields for the questions, select the blue Save button 
Step 15: Select the blue Exit button in the top right-hand corner 
Step 16: Select the Details tab in the panel on the left-hand side
Step 17:  Fill out the desired fields

  • Template Name 
  • Template Description
  • Instructions: Included once the practicum is scheduled & the practicum form is sent to participants 
  • Thank you Text: Included after the practicum form has been submitted by the participants

Step 18: Once you have made the desired input, select the blue Save button 
Step 19: Once you have made the desired additions and changes, select the blue Publish button in the top right-hand corner 

Helpful Tips

All desired changes and edits that need to made to the Practicum form, change the status of the form from Published to Draft 
To learn more about how to schedule your practicum, click here. 
If you have any more questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the AEFIS Client Success Team

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