AEFIS Identified as one of Five Ed-Tech to Watch: New Companies in the Higher Ed Tech Landscape—Eduventures Research

Source: Encoura Eduventures Research
Date: July 27, 2021
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AEFIS has been identified in Encoura Eduventures Research “Five to Ed-Tech to Watch: New Companies in the High Ed-Tech Landscape. AEFIS is recognized in three categories within the 2021 Higher Education Technology Landscape:

1. Institutional Effectiveness Solutions.
2. Student Journey Management Solutions.
3. Assessment Management Solutions.

AEFIS was vetted by researchers according to Encoura’s Inclusion Methodology for their 2021 Higher Education Technology Landscape.


A Modern Approach to Institutional Effectiveness

Higher education is in the midst of a new transformation to radically shift its processes to collect data that demonstrate the overall impact on student learning and a clear return on investment. This transformation includes conducting data governance audits, modernizing systems, adopting new technologies, analyzing current data, and seeking opportunities to gather more meaningful data to provide answers about how to more effectively and efficiently support student success.

As a unified platform for assessment management, learner success, and continuous improvement, AEFIS provides institutional leaders with a pathway toward digital transformation—helping to usher in a new more modern approach toward determining institutional effectiveness to drive value and sustainability. AEFIS is flexible, customizable, and provides leaders with a way to organize assessment efforts that lead to a more comprehensive approach to improvement and program prioritization, financial planning, and student employability initiatives. In this way, AEFIS paves the road toward digital transformation as emphasized in the 2021 Higher Education Technology Landscape Report.

Encoura Excerpt

Followers of higher education technology all want to predict where the market is headed—often leveraging information such as investments, acquisitions, or macro trends to do so. Parsing through these tea leaves can certainly be helpful, providing insight into the ebbs and flows of the higher education technology market.

But there’s another, often overlooked, approach—one that considers the areas into which new technology companies and products enter. Viewing the market through this lens sheds light on where new vendors think their products will gain the most traction or provide the most significant impact.

Drawn from our newly-released 2021 Higher Education Technology Landscape Report, today we highlight five new vendors within the two segments that have attracted the most entrants since 2016.

James Wiley, Eduventures Principal Analyst at ACT | NRCCUA | Jul 27, 2021 | All Topics, Technology Research



Case Studies

Assessing Your Strategic Initiatives Using Inclusive, Collaborative Planning at SUNY Oswego

Building a Curriculum & Assessment Infrastructure at Brigham Young University-Idaho

Innovating Institutional Effectiveness with AEFIS

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