Your Democracy & Assessment—Resources

As your community of practice, AEFIS Academy launched a four-part series designed to explore and unpack the relationship between Democracy and Assessment. Throughout this series, a variety of thought leaders came together in conversation around what the current relationship between democracy and assessment entails, what the relationship should or could be, and what the role of assessment might be moving forward to support a productive democracy.

Library of Resources & Community Leaders

Over the last several months, our panelists and community have contributed mightily to this series! We have put together these resources for you to review, download and use within your role at your institution.


Dr. Natasha Jankowski

Higher Education & Assessment Consultant


Dr. David Dees

Dean and Chief Administrative Officer

Kent State University at East Liverpool

Dr. Gianina Baker

Acting Director

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

Mr. Andre Foisy

President of AALHE & Executive Director of Institutional Outcomes Assessment

Excelsior College

Dr. Jarek Janio

SLO Coordinator

Santa Ana College

Dr. Joe Levy

Executive Director of Assessment and Accreditation

National Louis University

Dr. Anthony Scinta

Executive Vice Provost

Nevada State College

Dr. Ereka Williams

Associate Dean

Winston-Salem State University

Dr. Keston Fulcher

Executive Director of Assessment

James Madison University

Cheryl Aschenbach


Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

Dr. Divya Bheda

Director of Education and Assessment


Patti Clayton

Consultant; Practitioner-Scholar in Residence

Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis

Dr. Michael Seelig

Institutional Effectiveness Officer

CUNY Medgar Evers College

Suzanne Carbonaro

Director of Academic Partnerships


Rubrics & Syllabi

Articles and Multimedia

University of Michigan—Center for Research on Learning and Teaching

Community Blogs

Questions for Discussion

“Who owns the curriculum or curricula at an institution? What is the role of the staff who facilitate assessment efforts in addressing curricular issues? Given the highly decentralized nature of higher education in the U.S., what might it mean to decolonize curricula?” – Andre Foisy

“What (if any) is the role of assessment in evaluating how campuses address these basic aspects of democracy? – Steve Wygant

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Your Democracy & Assessment Resource Hub

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